Wednesday, April 27, 2011

...and the ship sets sail

Well, by no choice of my own, I have chosen a topic. Who knows if this ship will float, but as a man of sea, I figure I can swim the currents and off into the horizon.

...And the horizon looks bad dude. Real bad. Before beaches are even cleaned up in the Gulf Coast, apparently Obama has opened Off-Shore drilling on our coasts. An injustice to sea life and humanity alike. So, let us load our torpedo bays with information and sink this battleship of bad omens.

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  1. I trust you have found a topic that reflects your passions, and a sense of humor about things can be very persuasive if done well (Colbert and Stewart come to mind).

    There is certainly a great deal of concern over off-shore drilling: What are the dangers? What is at stake and who are the stakeholders? It may interest you trace Obama's position on this matter from his campaign to now, and speculate how and why his position evolved to its status quo. I imagine the blogosphere will introduce you to some of these arguments once we reach that point.

    P.S. You demonstrate a great deal of knowledge about how to customize a blog. I'm hope I can call upon you to help your classmates who might be less familiar with the technology.